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A Tale of a Few Good SCM Players - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog post series followed the progress of Manhattan Associates from its inception in 1990 throughout the mid-2000s. During this time, Manhattan

action item log  , but not much action is coming from these sectors nowadays either. RedPrairie has always been a much broader cross-industry solution, as is JDA now with former Manugistics ’ capabilities. RedPrairie and JDA's strengths in areas such as  consumer packaged goods (CPG ),  food and beverage (F&B ), groceries, and telecommunications--all sectors that are less impacted by the recession--have allowed them to continue to show strong results. RedPrairie and JDA also have stronger international operations tha Read More
PPM for Internal Departments
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Typically IT departments employ an IT governance framework to ensure that their PPM...
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Documents related to » action item log

SSA GT to EXE-cute (Yet) Another Acquisition Part Two: EXE
Like the previous few SSA GT acquisitions, this merger too seems aimed at enlarging SSA GT's customer base, market share, and more importantly, its predictably

action item log  are empowered to take action immediately at the point of greatest impact. EXceed Portals provides suppliers and customers the ability to share information to support collaborative activities. It opens up the internal supply chain to trading partners by giving them real time access to the EXceed warehouse management inventory data, shipment order information, and advanced shipment notice (ASN) information. The software lets suppliers add, change, and delete orders and/or ASN information, and comes in two f Read More
The Web-Enabled Sales Process
Traditional enterprise-level sales strategies are no longer sufficient in bringing new customer accounts. Today's self-directed buyers delay sales contact and

action item log  to justify a recommended action plan and preferred solution. They prepare the detailed capital authorization documents, and begin planning the implementation. Often the salesperson is told he or she is one of two finalists, just to keep them honest through negotiation. But truth be known, there is a third alternative, a no-decision. A delay or no-decision is the typical outcome when the project team submits a weak business case to management. By offering expert help with the use of the project enablers Read More
Getting It Right: Product, Quality, Timing, and Price
The most important factor in industry is no longer the mere price of the product. Increasingly, the purchaser's task has become to obtain the right product of

action item log  execute the arrival entry action, and then to go back to the flow when finished. Since all tasks are logged, additional benefits include using workflow as a documentation tool and installation tool, as well as for process analysis, simplified training, graphical status information, and individual performance measurement. The Internet and integrated enterprise systems have resulted in customer relationship management (CRM) becoming a much more feasible concept, and Jeeves has been aiming at the automation Read More
Provia Proves Its Way To Success Part Two: Market Impact
From the moment an order is created, Provia Software’s ViaWare and ViaView suites aim at helping managers track orders in real time and make orders visible

action item log  personnel to take corrective action before a problem arises. Provia has also been addressing supply chain collaboration and performance management, by providing tools that allow clients to set key performance indicators (KPI), monitor their performance against KPIs, and notify them when they are outside of specified bounds. A Web-based structure connects all possible execution environments together and allows a big picture view of an entire supply chain and KPI measurements. This concludes Part Two of a t Read More
The SCM Perspective: 2009 in Review-and What You Can Do to Weather the Storms of 2010
In spite of the 2009 recession, some SCM vendors were able to create traction in the supply chain space this year. From an industry landscape perspective, three

action item log  were able to create traction in the supply chain space this year. From an industry landscape perspective, three events from 2009 will have a more far-reaching impact than any other in this space, primarily because they’re priming the conditions for still more vendor competition and industry volatility in the year to come. News item: Oracle announced its launch of Fusion Applications , its mishmash of E-Business Suite/PeopleSoft/JDE/Siebel applications) So what?   As though Oracle’s strengths were Read More
Is SCT And Logistics.com Partnership A Déjà vu?
While, at first glance, SCT’s partnerships with G-Log and Logistics.com may seem redundant, a more detailed analysis reveals their distinct purposes.

action item log  opportunity to gain additional traction in the process industries. Within the process manufacturing and distribution segment, the alliance seems to be a good fit, as both companies have sound customer lists, particularly within the food and retail segments. For example, Logistics .com touts names like Kraft , Colgate , Georgia Pacific , PPG and Schreiber Cheese , while SCT has Cargill , SmithKline Beecham , Godiva Chocolate , Akzo Nobel Organon , and Smithfields . SCT continues to execute well in the Read More
Evolution to Revolution: The Test Automation Maturity Curve
The evolution of test automation towards data-driven and key/action word frameworks reflects the realization that the process becomes more efficient if there is

action item log  approach, the keyword or action word is written in a scripting language and is specific to the application under test. In some cases, the script code is generated automatically from building blocks that are then enhanced with additional code to perform decision-making and other logic tasks. In the example above, add product and check product are the names of scripts that contain the detailed level code for adding a product to the Inventory application being tested. Below is an example excerpt of how Read More
Use CMMS to Improve PdM Performance
Companies that have moved from a highly reactive environment to a more planned one notice significant improvement. A computer maintenance management system

action item log  deviates significantly from standard, action is required. To determine root cause and the appropriate action, specific tools can be employed. This includes Pareto analysis, cause-and- effect diagrams or simply brainstorming). Described below are the multiple sources of data, various techniques for analyzing the information and the means to take corrective action: Data collection The first step in implementing a data collection system is to determine what needs to be measured and controlled. For example, Read More
A Response Management Pioneer Offers Its Solution
Kinaxis Inc. is answering the needs of global manufacturers by delivering an on-demand response management service. These services are designed to help

action item log  take quick and effective action when faced with the inevitable constant changes mentioned above. This means decision makers are able to make the trade-offs and compromises necessary to respond to unexpected events in increasingly erratic global supply and fulfillment networks. Manufacturers value the ability to analyze alternative response actions before making a decision on a major trade-off; by proactively modeling and scoring different response alternatives, a well-understood and optimal action can be Read More
Global Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE)
The MMOG was a self-assessment process developed by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) to provide consistent methodology for evaluating supplier

action item log  by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) to provide consistent methodology for evaluating supplier performance, identifying weaknesses, and focusing improvement efforts. The Global MMOG/LE incorporates the Odette Logistics Evaluation (OLE), developed by AIAG’s European counterpart, to provide a single global standard for self-assessment. The MMOG is a proven tool for supplier development and provides a recognized industry standard for suppliers who have been asked by customers to complete a Read More
A User Centric WorkWise Customer Conference
WorkWise's business model is all about 'loving the customer'. A recent visit to their Customer Conference showed us the business plan in action. Is it time for

action item log   Read More
A Primer on Lean Manufacturing Using Microsoft Dynamics AX: Case Studies
To enable organizations to support lean and traditional manufacturing practices in a single system, Microsoft Dynamics AX has incorporated lean manufacturing

action item log  of planned orders and action messages for coordination and execution purposes. Several case studies highlighted the variations in lean practices and the use of kanbans. Kanbans and production schedules represent new constructs that supplement the Dynamics AX functionality so that a single system can support lean and traditional manufacturing practices. The new constructs also simplify transaction reporting and system usage, thereby contributing to the elimination of waste. This concludes the two-part seri Read More
Book review: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and the Environment: Business Imperatives. ed. Ruth Hillary, Greenleaf Publications. February 2000
The role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in society cannot be underestimated—indeed, many think SMEs are the most important sector of a nation’s

action item log  what really ignites green action are consensual agreements, and the credibility and reliability of the information.  The volume’s fourth and final section presents six articles containing case studies from around the world, ranging from SMEs in the developing world, the relation between pollution and poverty, to the implementation of ISO 14000 standards in Japan. An interesting example and practical framework for action is introduced by Liz Walley in her article “The Environmental Champion: Making a Read More

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