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TEC Certified AuraPortal Enriches TEC’s Business Process Management Knowledge Base
TEC is pleased to announce that AuraPortal’s business process management (BPM) solution has recently been certified and joins the ranks of TEC certified BPM

interface compatibility  browsers and a client interface for those who require it. It has multilingual capabilities and extensive capabilities for integrating with third party systems via Web services. From the certification demo session, AuraPortal’s extensive set of modeling features were evident, as well as smooth task transitioning and a high level of ease-of-use. AuraPortal distinguishes itself from its competitors through its comprehensive process modeling tool, its capability to easily adapt and configure all elements of Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » interface compatibility

Exact MAX ERP Can Now Go Anywhere
Exact, a provider of manufacturing and distribution solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) , has released MAX Anywhere. It is a Web-based

interface compatibility  MAX via the Web interface. It does not really put MAX ERP into the cloud, as the primary MAX installation continues to be set up just as the client had it set up prior to adding MAX Anywhere. But Exact MAX customers no longer have to be at their workstations to use and transact in the system.   The MAX Anywhere application features 55 functional screens that are built around three key areas: Sales for sales order processing, Materials for inventory transactions, and Shop Floor for shop order processing. Read More
Commerce One Goes High, Wide and PeopleSoft
E-procurement powerhouse Commerce One creates business-to-business marketplaces in Canada and Latin America It has also launched a phalanx of portals in

interface compatibility  was difficulties in getting interface information from one of the newly competitive ERP vendors. Ariba's solution was simply to let third part integrators handle the job. In Commerce One's case, where PeopleSoft is both a partner and a part owner, we expect that other ERP vendors will be exceptionally unwilling to share integration information. This may lead to increased business for systems integration partners. Certainly, as Fig 1 shows, services are rapidly becoming a less important part of Commerce On Read More
3 Microsoft Shop Myths Dispelled?
Here’s the context: You’re selecting an ERP system. Your office is standardized on Windows and MS Office Suite. Should you select MS Dynamics and become a full

interface compatibility  placed on fine-tuning the interface and harmonizing the integration, the divisional boundaries within the company might be a little slack if coordination and collaboration are not efficient and effective enough. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System user, for example, you might experience compatibility problems for a period of time if you tried to install either Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) or Windows Vista SP1. “We advise Microsoft Dynamics RMS customers to not install either serv Read More
Linux Laptops from Dell
Dell now has begun selling two models of its laptops with Linux preinstalled.

interface compatibility  a notebook, a clumsy interface means some level of pain every time a user tries to do any work. Ergonomics is very important for laptops - an experience which detracts (or distracts) from getting one's work done makes the product a loser. Therefore, potential customers should try before buy , if they can get that kind of deal from Dell. In addition, as always, Linux desktop apps have only limited availability at present. Dell might consider (after confirming it works as well as hyped) using Corel's versi Read More
Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management, and Sales Training: A Fusion of Methodology and Technology
Many organizations find it challenging to adopt sales force automation and customer relationship management solutions. Formal sales training and the related

interface compatibility  has an application programmer interface (API) that allows technologies developed in-house to interface with Salesforce.com's online SFA tools. An organization using (for example) Knowledge Advantage's online SIM ( Systems Interdependency Modeling ) tool suite could, with minimal investment, develop an interface using Salesforce.com tools to share information between the SIM system and Salesforce.com. An appropriate analysis asks the vital questions: What is the cost of a CRM or SFA solution that is Read More
SQL Server Technical Briefing
iSCSI storage area networks (SANs) offer an alternative for building SANs. Consolidating storage in a SAN offers storage management and scaling benefits for

interface compatibility  Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) : Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) (Wikipedia) SQL Server Technical Briefing - EqualLogic iSCSI SAN is also known as : iSCSI SAN , Internet Small Computer System Interface iSCSI , Internet Protocol Small Computer System Interface Storage Area Network , iSCSI IP SAN Solutions , iSCSI SAN Solutions , Internet Scsi , Storage Area Network SAN , SAN Protocol , Internet Protocol Small Computer System Interface , Computer Internet , iSCSI SAN Read More
euHReka provides an efficient solution to the increased complexity and cost of global HR service delivery.Powered by SAP HCM, euHReka lets HR leaders enjoy

interface compatibility  an attractive web-native user interface deployable OnPremise and OnDemand (stand-alone or as a platform for HR BPO) euHReka enables HR leaders to benefit from a comprehensive and fully integrated HR solution. Through a single web enabled interface, each HR role has access to a wealth of HR information sources. Read More
An Inside Look at a BI Product Demonstration
I recently sat in on a demonstration of the Bitam Artus business intelligence (BI) suite, now at generation 6.Representing Bitam was Antonio R. Rajan, Bitam

interface compatibility  used for the Web interface Artus is aimed at the SMB market, as big players have already implemented BI. The product has excellent financial integration (we had a demo for finance/sales). Implementation takes between 4 to 12 weeks, with the average being 10 weeks per module/business area The demonstration itself went well: A slick “bubble-up” feature gives real-time insight into various KPIs. The product’s “knowledge intelligence” module keeps track of the user company’s approach to problem so Read More
LEAN OPINION POLL: Are Lean Concepts and ERP Systems Still Antagonists?
It’s been many years since this question of compatibility between lean practices and enterprise resource planning (ERP) was rigorously discussed and brought

interface compatibility  OPINION POLL: Are Lean Concepts and ERP Systems Still Antagonists? It’s been many years since this question of compatibility between lean practices and enterprise resource planning (ERP) was rigorously discussed and brought many controversial and opposite opinions to the table. Can these two work well together, or do they have no place in each other’s space? It seems like even after all this time—and discussion—the jury is still out the final verdict. The answer is not a simple “yes” or Read More
Customer Satisfaction Analytics for Market Metrix
GoodData supports Market Metrix customers by helping them answer key questions. They can get results immediately with a drag-and-drop interface and customize

interface compatibility  immediately with a drag-and-drop interface and customize their own reports. Read More
Upland Software Announces Version 5.5 of EPM Live 5.5
EPM Live version 5.5 has been announced by Upland Software. EPM Live is a cloud-based project and portfolio management (PPM) and collaboration solution built on

interface compatibility  have transformed the PPM interface to be more efficient while adding cutting-edge features that allow users to be more productive.”   The new user interface is designed to streamline productivity by improving the way users navigate and interact with EPM Live. Users can access the data they need through a more instinctive flow and with fewer clicks. The latest version also includes a favorites feature and tracks frequent apps and recent items for the user. The custom forms allows users to extend the Read More
ReadyGo WCB + Suite
Content experts may use ReadyGo Web Course Builder's wizard-like interface to create a e-learning courses that include navigation, chapters, pages, exercises

interface compatibility  Web Course Builder's wizard-like interface to create a e-learning courses that include navigation, chapters, pages, exercises, tests, glossaries, FAQ, and help. The tool runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, or NT. Producing courses in standard HTML and JavaScript, which make it easy for students using standard Web browsers to take courses. No special technology is needed to serve a ReadyGo course; courses reside on a CD, hard drive, intranet, extranet, or Internet web server. All courses produced meet Read More
Infor ION Business Intelligence
Infor ION BI solutions build on the universally familiar spreadsheet interface to streamline and accelerate the process of gathering, analyzing, and

interface compatibility  the universally familiar spreadsheet interface to streamline and accelerate the process of gathering, analyzing, and reporting critical decision making information. By enhancing and improving the tools managers already use every day, Infor Infor ION BI simplifies complex choices and improves your company's ability to make effective plans and communicate those plans to everyone who needs to be included. Each solution includes powerful, specific features for getting better results. Read More
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